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  • Unlimited RoleCall connections
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Full-time job? Part-time job? Preparing for other roles? We know you’re busy… so no need to spend time and money going through the status quo casting process. Casting know what they want…they will reach out to you directly with RoleCall - think of it as a call back right from the start!

Leading role or background extra? Represented or not represented? Industry vet or newcomer? Regardless of who you are and what you’re looking for RoleCall is the fastest, easiest way to make yourself available for industry opportunities.

No need to sign up with multiple casting services, join multiple Facebook pages, and join multiple email lists. All communication with casting safely and conveniently happens inside the RoleCall platform.

Here’s how it works… sign up, build your profile, reply back to casting when they reach out to you. Simply put… RoleCall is the most effective, streamlined way for talent to get on set.

The free version of RoleCall allows for you to receive an unlimited number of RoleCall casting invites!