Welcome Filmmaker

A subscription based streaming service of premium independent content.

Online April 1st 2020 | Roku May 2020

Filmmaker Revenue Pool

50% of all monthly subscription revenue goes to filmmakers. All license agreements are non-exclusive so you can still monetize your film wherever you want.

Fair & Transparent Payouts to Creators

RoleCall Watch provides transparent, timely, and fair payouts to creators…. we call it respect. And RoleCall Watch uses a non-exclusive streaming agreement so filmmakers can still show and monizie their film anywhere they want.

Democratized Discovery

No algorithms playing favorites and making the already popular, more popular. Every piece of content on RoleCall Watch has a chance to be discovered.

Unique & Risky Stories

Independent artists take the risks that set the new norms. Discover filmmakers on RoleCall Watch who are pushing and challenging the status quo of storytelling.