Screenplay South

A Home for Southern Writers

Screenplay South is dedicated to advancing the technique, execution, and marketability of the work of Southern screenplay writers.

how we advance you

the hardest part of writing is writing.


script coaching

your script deserves more than internet coverage.

CONSTRUCT & CREATE – Do you have a great story idea, but it gets lost on its way from your head to the page? You’d be a great fit for our Construct & Create program, where we’ll help you build your idea into a fully compelling first draft.

POLISH & PERFECT – Have a script you’ve lost perspective on? Do you need a few more drafts, but you’ve lost steam? Do you have a great script, but other people aren’t as excited about it as you are? You’d be a great fit for our Polish & Perfect program, where we work on your initial draft to get two more drafts. We’ll help polish your script until it’s undeniable.


whichever program you choose you’ll be working with two coaches throughout the process – because perspective matters.


Connect with us for details.


pitch coaching

learn the process. learn the art.

PITCHING: you’ve got the script, now put your business hat on. we’ll focus on business communication fundamentals and tailor those principles for the entertainment industry. and of course – pitch practice.


start from scratch or polish your existing pitch. either way you’ll be working one-on-one with a pitch coach.


Connect with us for details.


table read live

listen as a story comes to life.

Screenplay South curates scripts for a live table read event at RoleCall Theater. come watch a group of actors bring a story to life for the first time.


open writes

cause you can’t build a community without being together.

every sunday at RoleCall Theater we host a free open write for writers of any experience level. come find your next co-writer or work on your own project surrounded by the energy of a room full of writers.

sundays | ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19


all sessions are held at RoleCall Theater at ponce city market – next to soul cycle.

675 ponce de leon ave, ne, atlanta, georgia 30308