Casting with RoleCall

At RoleCall, we’re building the platform that connects casting with their talent in a seamless and precise way. It’s a single point of communication and information for everything casting.

Discover Relevant Talent

Search and see up-to-date talent profiles including: talent photos, appearance/body info, skill sets, and even picture car availability.

Ready-To-Work Talent

See the last time talent was active on RoleCall and how many RoleCall projects they’ve booked.

One Way Casting

Stop getting spammed by talent that doesn’t match your criteria. Talent can only see your casting info if you connect with them first.

Manage Talent Throughout Project

Message talent inside the platform as well as have the ability to send call sheets, scripts, and additional photos.

Perfect Price

Unlimited RoleCall searches with unlimited talent connections for free. Upgrade for additional features with no commitments.

Manage your current talent pool with RoleCall while also discovering fresh faces.

Encourage your current talent to build their RoleCall talent profile so you can access them quickly and only for the roles that match their look and experience. At the same time, connect with fresh faces to make sure you always have the exact look and skill you need for you project.

RoleCall Helps Cast:

Project Types

Feature Film

Short Film





Reality TV

Game Show


Brand Ambassador

Role Types

On Camera/Stage – Speaking

On Camera/Stage – Non Speaking

Stand In