What is RoleCall?

RoleCall is a complete casting management system that allows casting to discover, connect with, book, and manage any kind of talent for any kind of role.

How does RoleCall make casting better?

Being a one-stop shop casting solution, RoleCall makes the process faster and easier for both casting and talent.


  • With RoleCall Search you can find exactly what you’re looking for right away. Your search can be as general or specific as you need it to be - from age to eye color. Whether it’s a leading role for a tv show, a stunt person, or stand-in for a film - you can find exactly what you need based on detailed talent profiles. *If you’re using Facebook to post a role - you’re only reaching 3%-5% of your audience with that post (unless you pay to promote it), so the majority of people don’t even see that role.

  • With RoleCall you don’t just post a public casting notice and wait for people to apply. You search the database and select only the talent that you want to apply for the role. This way you’re not getting submissions from people that aren’t right for the role. And you can spend more time focusing on the talent that matches your needs vs filing through unqualified submissions.

  • Don’t miss out on talent only because they don’t match one of your specific search criteria. RoleCall Search shows you results based on the percent that the talent matches your request - 100% matches show up first, followed by 99% matches and so on. This way you won’t miss out casting someone that could have been perfect, but you didn’t see only because they barely missed your search criteria.

  • One of the biggest issues with online casting is dormant talent. You think you’ve found the perfect person for your project - you message them - only to never hear from them. With RoleCall, each talent profile shows when they were last active on the platform - so you know beforehand how active they are and when you should receive a reply back from them.

  • RoleCall lets you move all communication into one spot - no need for Facebook message, text, email, and phone calls. RoleCall Chat allows for you to easily message and send documents to your talent.

  • Talent can easily create their profile and it’s at no cost to them, so you’ll get a new wide range of fresh faces to cast from.


  • Only hear from castings that have already seen your profile - think of it as a callback right from the start.

  • Have all your info and photos all in one spot every time. No more having to submit info via email over and over again for each new casting call.

  • You don’t have to worry about mass emailings for auditions that you don’t qualify for nor are interested in. With RoleCall you won’t get solicited for a non-paid role if you aren’t interested in working on those types of projects. Or maybe you only want film but not theater projects - if you don’t want a certain type of project - you won’t get notified about them.

  • Casting can only message you once you’ve accepted their invite to explore their role. You’ll be able to see the casting personnel’s profile to make sure you are not only comfortable with the project, but also comfortable with the casting personnel. If you like both, you can accept the invite and that will allow you all to chat in app - so no need to exchange personal contact info unless you want to.

  • No free trials - just free! Use a fully functional version of RoleCall as much or as little as you like and connect with an unlimited number of projects. Whether you’re doing this full time or part time - we don’t want anything to get in the way of your aspirations.

How much does RoleCall cost me to use?

The free version of RoleCall is not only free but fully functional for both casting and talent. If you’re casting a lot of projects simultaneously or booking a lot of roles - we’ve create RoleCall Plus with some advanced features for a small monthly charge. No long term contracts though - so upgrade and downgrade on a month to month basis as you see fit.