RoleCall Watch

Elevating Original Stories from Independents.

RoleCall Watch is a content streaming platform dedicated to elevating the voices of incredibly talented filmmakers and paying these storytellers a fair wage. With RoleCall Watch 50% of your subscription dollars go directly to filmmakers.

The Stories from the Voices you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re getting tired of the remakes & sequels and want to redirect your spending to support entrepreneurial filmmakers then consider RoleCall Watch.

Democratized Discovery

No algorithms playing favorites and making the already popular, more popular. Every piece of content on RoleCall Watch has a chance to be discovered.

Robust Filtering

Don’t just filter for films by genre, with RoleCall Watch you can filter films by Budget, Run Time, and Production Location.

Fair & Transparent Payouts to Creators

RoleCall Watch provides transparent, timely, and fair payouts to creators. We call it respect.

Unique & Risky Stories

Independent artists take the risks that set the new norms. Discover filmmakers on RoleCall Watch who are pushing and challenging the status quo of storytelling.

RoleCall Watch

An exceptionally curated collection of films and moving pictures.


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RoleCall Watch

RoleCall Watch creates a filmmaker payout pool which is made up of 50% of all revenue collected from monthly subscriptions. That 50% filmmaker pool is then split up among all RoleCall filmmakers based on the number of minutes that filmmaker’s content was watched divided by the total number of minutes watched on the platform that month.

Example: If 1,000 minutes were viewed on RoleCall Watch over one month and your film(s) consisted of 300 of those 1,000 minutes – then you would take 30% of the filmmaker pool revenue.